Our Guide to Wood Roasting Coffee

Each coffee roasting method, whether it’s wood, gas or coal influences the overall taste and aroma of the coffee in its own way. The process of the roast involves charring green coffee beans to various brown hues, the conversion of fats into volatile oils, caramelising natural sugar, acids and other flavour elements  to achieve the desired properties by the roaster.

The seasoned wood approach is by far the eco-friendliest method due to the implementation of renewable energy sources. Each different strong wood used, whether it’s Beech, Oak, Holm or Ash wood, will refine and clarify the coffee differently.

What makes the wood roasting process unique?

This artisanal approach to roasting starts off with heavily seasoned wood. The coffee beans are sourced from different origins and are cooked separately. The beans should only be combined once cooled to ensure the blend is enriched with a selection of essences and flavours.

The best coffee companies work directly with specialist farmers and co-operatives, who can offer carefully selected coffee for their wood roasting. All coffee beans should be responsibly and ethically sourced and selected based on their flavour.

The end goal is to provide clients with great tasting coffee that is roasted with passion, pride and respect for everyone that makes exceptional quality possible – from seed to cup.

Ethical sourcing is also extremely important to us. We only provide coffee that is sourced in the most sustainable and socially responsible way. Happy farms and passionate wood roasting makes the best tasting coffee!

Why choose the wood roasting process?

Even though all coffee roasting equipment roasts coffee using the same process – heating the coffee beans to transform the physical and chemical properties of green coffee beans into varied shades of brown roasted beans, the difference between wood roasting and conventional gas roasting is the speed in which the bean’s internal temperature rises.

For thousands of years, the art of wood roasting coffee was the only way to properly prepare coffee beans using wood-fire ovens. However, other heat sources such as natural gas have taken over and have primarily been used to speed up the roasting process and reduce overall costs.

Technology has enhanced our lives massively in immeasurable ways, but not when it comes to roasting coffee. We still believe that the time-honoured, traditional, wood-fired roasting method is the best way to do coffee.

Although wood roasting takes approximately three to four times longer to prepare the coffee beans than modern methods, we believe that this times allows the beans to retain many of their natural compounds to preserve the flavour.

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