Is Leasing a coffee machine the best option for my business?

Leasing a coffee machine is one of the best ways you can spread the cost for your business whilst still reaping the benefits of an excellent machine. Whether you’re a start-up who can’t quite make the financial stretch to buy a coffee machine yet or you just like the security of having a reliable rental company to look after your machine, leasing a coffee machine is a fantastic option for your business.

So, why do we believe leasing a coffee machine is the best option for you? First and foremostly… Cost. Everything in business comes down to how much something costs and how much money it’ll make you – commercial coffee machines are no different.

We want our clients to serve the best coffee and we don’t want prices to limit that. Our costs for coffee machine rental start from as little as £6.50 per day, which includes machine, maintenance, service, parts and coffee. All of our prices are arranged over 6 days, even if you are open to trade for 7. Our aim is to allow people to serve a premium product without expensive start-up costs, coffee machine rental allows this to happen.

leasing a coffee machine

Our mission for our clients to serve the best coffee possible doesn’t just include price points, but the includes the quality of the apparatus and the training of the barista using the equipment. When you’re leasing a coffee machine with Coffeaco90, we provide the highest quality coffee machine which we have specifically matched to your business, your customers and your desires. We know every business is different and not one size fits all – so why should coffee machines be any different. The coffee machine requirements of a busy coffee shop in a footfall-heavy train station will not be the same as a car showroom wanting to serve their clients a nice brew.

No matter what your requirements are, it is of the upmost importance that your staff know and understand the coffee machine being leased for the quality of the coffee being served and (more importantly) their safety. When leasing a coffee machine over buying one, you receive comprehensive training on how it’s used to maximum efficiency, safely and effectively. Additionally, included in our coffee machine rental arrangements is regular servicing of your machine to ensure that it remains in first-class condition.

So in answer so our question of … is leasing a coffee machine the best option for my business? We believe so. Not only are our leasing options a great way to spread your investment over affordable payments so that you can earn money from your coffee machine even before the first payment is taken from your bank, but it provides a safety knowing that your machine is serviced and well looked after by experts all year round. Alongside thorough training by our team to allow your team to operate your coffee machine safely and effectively, we provide the extras – cups, coffee, parts, consumables etc. We take care of absolutely everything, you just worry about the rest of your business and leave your coffee machine to us.

If you’re considering leasing a coffee machine for your business – don’t delay. We’ve been supplying superior coffee machines and excellent service for over 40 years. We enjoy creating long-standing relationships with our customers and are as passionate about our customer care as we are about the quality of the coffee and commercial espresso machines and coffee machines that we supply. We value our client’s reputations and so we source our coffee machines from some of the best suppliers in the world, giving them confidence that the standard and quality of every cup they sell is assured. Contact us to speak to a member of our sales team.

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