Franke A600 Coffee Machine

The Franke A600 Coffee Machine is an exceptional solution for both service and self-service operation. With a clear and simple touch screen interface, you can configure the display to show tempting coffee creations, offer an intuitive overview for self-service or guide you through efficient service support solutions.

Suitable for: This machine offers an amazing mix of capabilities for medium to heavy use.

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The Franke A600 Coffee Machine’s user interface has an intuitive feel, allowing for stress-free self-service use. The screen is well lit and offers an almost endless variety for your customers to try, without sacrificing any of the quality.


There is minimal power consumption and maximum energy efficiency thanks to both a timer function and standby mode. In addition, there is a generously sized bean hopper for simple refilling.

Easy Cleaning

Included as an option with the Franke A600 Coffee Machine, the CleanMaster cleaning system ensures the strictest hygiene levels are maintained. For maximum convenience and safety this is a fully automatic cleaning process thanks to the integrated cleaning cartridge.


When combined with the FoamMaster, the Franke A600 Coffee Machine offers a wide range of flavourful speciality coffee.


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