Victoria Arduino 2grip White Eagle Coffee Machine – Steelux finish

Victoria Arduino coffee machines are famed for their style and excellent functionality. The Victoria Arduino 2grip White Eagle coffee machine has been designed with the needs of the modern barista in mind, the Eagle offers the possibility to use tall cups and glasses to serve their drinks.  This machine brings consistency, reliability and efficiency with every cup. The design has the relationship between you and your customers at the forefront, allowing you to respond to the changing trends coffee shops face, while not sacrificing quality.

Suitable for: professionals serving a range of speciality coffees who put quality and consistency at the heart of their offer. Coffee shops, restaurants and hotels would all benefit from this beautiful and intelligently designed machine.

Suitable for: high quality coffee shops, high volume locations, demanding professionals, barista competitors, speciality coffee shops.

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In professional machines, the ability to consistently maintain the correct temperature is vital. The Victoria Arduino 2grip White Eagle Coffee Machine has the technology that allows the barista to set three temperatures for the brewing group, the water infusion and the steam. This results in control of the water’s thermal accuracy, resulting in a stable temperature and the perfect espresso!

Easy Cream System

The Eagle is also available with the easy Cream System. This technology allows the milk to be heated and frothed to suit every preference. This is due to the tangential holes in the innovative wand and a steam air mixing system. This system means you can produce creamy, fragrant and consistent milk every time.

Cool Touch Wand

The cool touch wand is thermally insulated to prevent burns to the barista. This also allows for easier cleaning and a much more hygienic work station


The Eagle shares all of the information provided by the T3 systems. The display gives the barista all data in real time to offer the customer the best espresso.

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