Nuova Simonelli Machine Rental North West

Looking for Nuova Simonelli machine rental North West, Wirral, Merseyside and beyond? Look no further, at Coffeaco 90 we can provide a range of Nuova Simonelli machines to your business at extremely competitive rates.

At Coffeaco 90 we look to provide the best machines we can to our clients and that is why we supply machines from companies such as Nuova Simonelli. They are an Italian company steeped in tradition and full of experience, they have been making espresso machines since 1936. Not a company to stand still, they have invested in research and development over the years and now boast a fantastic range of machines designed to meet the needs of the hospitality industry from small independent coffee houses and restaurants to large international hotels and corporations.

Nuova Simonelli Machine Rental North West    Nuova Simonelli Machine Rental North West

A Global Presence

Although Nuova Simonelli design and manufacture entirely in Italy, they have a global presence and are present in over 120 countries worldwide and are used by the most important brands and chains who recognise that the company stands for excellence. The company is also known for its focus on innovation and collaboration with a number of universities. Due to this constant striving to improve and perfect their offer to the service industry, Nuova Simonelli now have 18 product lines covering traditional espresso coffee machines, super-automatic espresso machines and grinders. Their recognised expertise in coffee is passed on through training and specialist consultancy and since 2009 they have been the official technical partner of the WBC World Barista Championships. Nuova Simonelli is also known for the attention they pay to environmental protection, energy efficiency and the protection of their workers. Their mission is to continue to invest in research and design, training and assistance to ensure they continue to offer exceptional machines to support the hospitality industry worldwide.

Looking for Nuova Simonelli machine rental North West, Merseyside, the Wirral and beyond? Get in touch with Coffeaco 90 today, our friendly staff are always happy to explain our offer, which goes beyond machine rental. We want to work in partnership with you to ensure your business stands out for all the right reasons.


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